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Kelli ColtonKelli Colton 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The field 'Prequalified_Amount__c' either does not exists on the Contact object or it is not of type currency.

Trying to complete the Salesforce Platform Basics, Get Started with Salesforce Platform.  
Customize the Salesforce Platform Challenge:
I added the new field under Contacts, Prequalified Amount. The field name was automatically created/assigned as "Prequalified_A__c".  The data field type is currency.  I tested it to make sure, but I'm getting this error.  

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The field 'Prequalified_Amount__c' either does not exists on the Contact object or it is not of type currency.

Thus, I manually edited the field name to "Prequalifed_Amount__c", but then  this error displays: 
Error: The custom field name you provided Prequalified_Amount__c on object Contact can only contain alphanumeric characters, must begin with a letter, cannot end with an underscore or contain two consecutive underscore characters, and must be unique across all Contact fields.

How do I resolve the first error?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Kelli,

When you are trying to validate the trailhead challenges in the hands on org you have to perform the instructions given in trailhead.

You should not modify the field names manually. Whenever a field is created with a label then the API name is auto generated.

Please, double check with the field name which is created in the hands on org so that based on the field name the API name will be generated.

Make sure that you create a field name with Prequalified Amount for which the resulting API name would be Prequalified_Amount__c

I guess you might have created the field with name as Prequalified A for which the resulting API name is generated as Prequalified_A__c

Let us know if any further clarification is required.

please mark this as solved if it's resolved.

Jonyette GuestJonyette Guest
I am also recieving this error. The lessons required we create a new checkbox under contacts to determine if the user is prequalified. Following the insuctions exactly creates the API 'Prequalified_c'. 

Field Information
Field Label: Prequalified?                                   Object Name:Contact
Field Name: Prequalified                                    Data Type:Checkbox
API Name: Prequalified__c
Jonyette GuestJonyette Guest
Here are the steps:
From the gear icon (), click Setup to launch the setup page. We use Setup a lot, so remember this step!
Click the Object Manager tab.
Click Contact.
Under Fields & Relationships, click New.
A data type indicates what kind of information your field holds. For this field, pick Checkbox and click Next.
The Field Label is what you see on the Contact page. Enter Prequalified? and click Next.
Click Next and then Save.
Kelli ColtonKelli Colton
I did create the FieldName Prequalified Amount and the resulting API is not Prequalified_Amount__c.   Please see screenshot. Please note that I did not change the API.  
User-added image
Kelli ColtonKelli Colton
Nagendra,I did create the FieldName Prequalified Amount and the resulting API is not Prequalified_Amount__c.   Please see screenshot. Please note that I did not change the API.  
Chris MilnerChris Milner
I too am having the same issue. Please refer to my screenshots:

User-added image

User-added image
Curious, Is there a solution to this error? I too ran into the same problem and kinda stuck.
Suzanne IgarteburuSuzanne Igarteburu
Adding my voice to the chorus of "Is there a solution?" 
Tamsin CaruanaTamsin Caruana
I am receiving the same error too! Any guidance would be much appreciated!
Ian TwamleyIan Twamley
Same issue. Any resolution? Followed the below instructions exactly and am getting the same error.
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Cassy StaffordCassy Stafford
HELP - i am doing exactly what it says to do and i keep getting this error.  Is there are issue with the challenge itself??
- Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The field 'Prequalified_Amount__c' either does not exists on the Contact object or it is not of type currency.
Jeff DouglasJeff Douglas
All, if you want to email me (jdouglas@salesforce.com) the username and password for the org you are building this in, I'll login and take a peek for you. Please include a link to this forum post for my reference. Thanks!

Jeff Douglas
Trailhead Developer Advocate
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
I was able to complete this challenge successfully. Please verify that your configuration looks like this after you've created the custom field on the Contact object. Thanks

User-added image

User-added image
Ian TwamleyIan Twamley
Hi Sandeep, thank you for checking it. Unfortunately if I follow the trail's directions, that is not what the configuration looks like. See below after I follow steps 1-5 exactly. 
User-added image
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Its a little hard to see the screenshot, but it looks like you've created a 'Checkbox' type field instead of a 'Currency' field as specified in the challenge. Can you please double check? 
Ian TwamleyIan Twamley
Haha I had the same issue (right clicking hte image and opening in a new tab seems to help). 

You are correct that I created a "checkbox" because that is what the trail's directions state. Am I seeing something that nobody else is?
User-added image
Kelli ColtonKelli Colton
Ian, Sorry, no.  My original post is regarding the Prequalified AMOUNT. Currency is the type.  
Sandeep, please see my screenshot.  Do you see anything wrong w/ it? 
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Hi Ian - apologies if this isn't clearer via the current UX in Trailhead, but in order to complete a challenge in Trailhead, you have to do what's specified in the Challenge section (see attached image for this particular unit). The challenge requirements are always different from what's covered in the content (as is the case here) b/c we want you to apply what you've learned by reading the unit content to a related problem set (in this case, creating a custom field) to make sure that the learning 'sticks'.
I realize how that might be a little confusing to new users and we'll work on making this clearer via our UX/instructions, but let me know if this makes sense. Thanks

User-added image 
Ian TwamleyIan Twamley
Thank you, Sandeep, that makes sense. I'm a complete novice here, so that's on me. But if I may offer constructive feedback, you're right that the UX is very confusing to n00bs like me. The hangup for me was that the instructions in the trial already sent us down to the "Hands-On Challenge" box to open the demo org. At that point, it already feels like you are working on the challenge within the unit.

Appreciate your help and listening. <3 Trailhead and I can only get better from here! 
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
@Ian do you think it would help if we updated the text? Maybe we could say:

"If you were following along in the unit, you've successfully completed a "Prequalified?" checkbox. Now, test out what you learned by making a completely new field. This time around, you'll make a currency field rather than a checkbox. Complete the new challenge below to try out what you learned."
Kelli ColtonKelli Colton
I went back and did this challenge again.  This time it worked.  No error message.  I did the exact same steps as before.  The auto created API is now correct.  Before it was not.  My issue is now resolved.  I don't know about the others on this thread who reported the same error. 
Ian TwamleyIan Twamley
@Chris that would definitely help! That language makes it clear that the challenge is a seperate step, and that the bullets in the challenge box are the goal of what the user needs to create. 
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
@Ian we will get those updates made to the text. Thanks for your feedback.
Ian TwamleyIan Twamley
@Chris Thank you for being open to it!
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Thanks for the great feedback Ian and great to know that you're also unblocked now Kelli. 
Tamsin CaruanaTamsin Caruana
Hi all,

Thank you for your help but I am still struggling!

Here is a screenshot of my Contact Custom Field. I have followed the instructions accurately. Just to be sure I am trying to complete the very first challenge called 'A Quick Introduction to Salesforce'.

Jeff - I cannot give you log in details dur to data confidentiality.

Would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!

User-added image
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
@Tamsen Please check the rest of the thread. Your screenshot is of the Prequalified? field, which is covered in the unit, but the challenge calls for you to make a *second* field. This one is called "Prequalified Amount" and instead of a checkbox, it's a currency field. It's a new field you have to create. *CHRIS DUARTE* Editor-in-chief, Trailhead | Salesforce
Lisa NeelenLisa Neelen
I ran into this 'problem' as well.  Turns out I had prequalified spelled wrong by one letter which was very hard to spot.  It is working now that I corrected the typo.
Rachit PoddarRachit Poddar
Hi All,
I did try to create the new field - 'Prequalified Amount' with Field Data Type - 'Currency', I am still getting the error. Can you please help me out?
User-added imageUser-added image
Please right click on the image and check ' Open in a New Tab' to see it clearly.
Nicole TebbuttNicole Tebbutt

Argh-I'm also stuck with the same message most others have:"The field 'Prequalified_Amount__c' either does not exists on the Contact object or it is not of type currency."

I've tried to read though the answers here, but as I'm not a developer and I'm going through this to learn salesforce (never seen it before today), I'm stuck.

Like others, I followed all directions, so am confused about the suggestion to add something else (as other responders have suggested), when my instructions don't say to do so:

"From the gear icon (), click Setup to launch the setup page. We use Setup a lot, so remember this step!
Click the Object Manager tab.
Click Contact.
Under Fields & Relationships, click New.
A data type indicates what kind of information your field holds. For this field, pick Checkbox and click Next.
The Field Label is what you see on the Contact page. Enter Prequalified? and click Next.
Click Next and then Save."

TIA for any step-by-step instructions on how to correct this.


Nicole TebbuttNicole Tebbutt

Alright, now I got to here, but apparently I'm filling the fields in incorrectly. Help! Field Label: Prequalified Amount. Field Name: Prequalified_Amount.

User-added image

Mary O'DonovanMary O'Donovan
I need help to pass this challange, getting error message The field 'Prequalified_Amount__c' either does not exists on the Contact object or it is not of type currency. I have read through this thread but still at a loss as to how to fix this. Frustrating as I cannot move on with the training
Hi everyone, I ran into this same issue. I'm not new to learning how to code much less follow simple instructions to plug and play form fields, but after half an hour I realized I was checking/validating the WRONG TRAILHEAD! Hah, make sure you have the correct one selected as it appears I created two and logged into the wrong one to do my challange. 

Right in the same area where the red error box is, that drop down menu next to launch...just toggle to the correct/other one listed then hit the green button again.
Mary O'DonovanMary O'Donovan
Thank you so much as think this was the issue. I ended up deleting everything and starting again. I love the idea of the trailheads but trying to navigate the site at times can be frustrating Mary
Nicholas LeeNicholas Lee
🤔 So, my description and the items required listed below have conflicting information. Please check out the content in the attached screenshot from my Trailhead Playground and advise. Thank you​! Nicholas.User-added image
Swapnil PalSwapnil Pal
If anyone is facing problem  even after creating the field correctly please check if your profile has read and edit permission to the custom field that is created in Contact, myself was facing the same issue resolved after giving proper permission. If you find this information useful do mark it.
Shubham Pandey 67Shubham Pandey 67
User-added image

Hi guys,
I am also facing the same issue, please help.
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi Kelli Colton,

Make sure you have created the Field API Named as Prequalified_Amount__c in Contact Object.
also, you have chosen this as Currency DataType
Please check the field-level security (FLS) of Prequalified_Amount__c field.

If you find your Solution then mark this as the best answer.  

  Thank you!

 Suraj Tripathi