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mukesh guptamukesh gupta 

salesforce API using in Angular

Hi Expert,

I am using salesforce API in outside angularjs, i am getting records on client side, but if any new update become in salesforce side then , new added record will display automatic, currently i am using set time interval, but i want to use another method instead of interval.

Example:- I am getting salesforce contacts in my angular side, but if user Add a new contact in salesforce , then this will instantly reflect in client side. 

CAn you please suggest !  

Karan Shekhar KaulKaran Shekhar Kaul

Hi Mukesh,

Are you using any middleware? If not, you can use Streaming API to intiate push notifications from salesforce when new record is created or updated. Below URL gives code snippets to implement Streaming API on VF page. You can use this resource to implement it on client side.

If you are using any middleware, you can use outbound message to send notification of new record creation or updation to middleware and then ask middleware to query the record & send notification to client. 


mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi karan

I m using streaming api in visualforce page,  that is working fine,  but now i want to display streaming message in out side in angularjs page. 

Please suggest 
Karan Shekhar KaulKaran Shekhar Kaul
Hi Mukesh,

See if this helps.