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Albert ToAlbert To 

What product do we use to sync Active Directory Password with Salesforce account password?

We currently have SSO with AD azure but passwords are not synced. Is there a solution for AD azure to sync the password with Salesforce? IF not, then what are the options that has a tutorials to follow?
Karan Shekhar KaulKaran Shekhar Kaul
Hi Albert,

Why do you need Salesforce password if you have SSO implemented with AD ? AD being your IDP will verify password on his end and log user in provided federation id matches.

What is your SAML Identity Type setup in SSO setting?
Albert ToAlbert To
We want to make sure that users are signing in with the same password even if they are directly logging into salesforce from the logon page also if they don't want to be redirected or bother to be redirected. We just want to have the accounts actually be synced. So there are no confusion of having an account with 2 passwords one for salesforce and one for ad. Get Outlook for iOS
Albert ToAlbert To
I'm currently using Assertion contains the User's Saleforce username for the SAML identity type.
Charlie Jones 4Charlie Jones 4
You will definitely need a user to be created in Salesforce. And once SSO is enabled in Salesforce, only system administrators can use the regular username/password login. https://tellthebell.us