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Stéphane C.Stéphane C. 

auto-update opportunity name with workflow rules


I try to auto-update opportunity name with workflow rules after lead conversions. I can't make this formula work. Any idea? Only the value one and two are passed.
Account.Name & " - " & IF ( ISBLANK(fieldTwo)), fieldOne, IF ( ISBLANK(fieldOne)), fieldTwo, fieldThree))
Thank you.
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Hi Stéphane C. ,

Your Question is bit unclear, can you please briefly explain bit more.

Stéphane C.Stéphane C.
Sorry for the confusion.

I want to auto-update the opportunity name after a lead conversion. I decided to use a workflow rule to make it. So I write this code.

I have three record types for the leads. When I convert a lead :
- the first logic pass and the fieldOne is well taken [ IF ( ISBLANK(fieldTwo)), fieldOne ] ;
- the second logic pass and the fieldTwo is well taken [ IF ( ISBLANK(fieldOne)), fieldTwo, ];
- the third logic don't pass and the fieldThree is well taken [ fieldThree ].

I try this before and I have the same issue (this case is more logical) :
IF ( RecordTypeId = "0120O000000xxxx",  Account.Name & " - " &  TEXT(fieldOne__c)  & " - CP",
  IF ( RecordTypeId = "0120O000000xxyy", Account.Name & " - " &  TEXT(fieldTwo__c)  & " - BP", fieldThree
But only the two logic steps seem to be passed.

Thank you.