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Daniel JenksDaniel Jenks 

Can anyone find the Security Specialist Superbadge Apex Test Package?

I tried in my DE in Lightning, Classic, and followed the install package article directions opening an icognito window. Still cannot get the package to show or install? Anybody know what the issue is? Thank you!
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Daniel,

May I suggest you please refer the below link for reference. Hope it will be helpful.

Best Regards
Rahul Kumar
Daniel JenksDaniel Jenks
Hi Rahul, Thanks for sharing. I had actually gone through these. I'm not having trouble with the formatting. However, I cannot download the package off the link for the tests. I have no BeAwesome test to run against my rule configuration. Let me know if you have a download of the BeAwesome package. Thanks!
Tatiana Goss 1Tatiana Goss 1
Hi Daniel - I have the same problem:  I don't have the BeAwesome package.  I did follow the steps for the Chrome | Incognito approach to the installation, but I'm still missing that Apex test class.  Were you able to get this resolved?
Daniel JenksDaniel Jenks
Hi Tatiana,
What worked for me was to reset the User PW in my developer org, then launch the app download page again, login using your developer username and new password. Hopefully it works for you too! Let me know.
To reset pw (be sure that your actual email address is the one associated with the username):
Setup > Quick Find
Select User
Check Box next your system admin profile
Click "Reset Password" in top center of box

Let me know if that works!
Tatiana Goss 1Tatiana Goss 1

Thanks Daniel for the reply.  I was still troubleshooting with a colleague when he observed that clicking on the Install Package link from my main DE session had this URL:  https://na35.lightning.force.com/packagingSetupUI/ipLanding.app?apvId=04t36000000jWht, whereas the org where I wanted it install was on a different URL:  https://playful-moose-434031-dev-ed.lightning.force.com.

He took the packagingSetupUI/ipLanding.app?apvId=04t36000000jWht part of the URL for package installation, went to the tab with my launched org and appended it after the force.com portion and that installed it to my trailhead playground for this module. 

Now I see the BeAwesome Apex Test which I can run.

Again, thanks for the prompt response.

Stamen Nikolov 4Stamen Nikolov 4

It is a best practice before you start installing any package to log out of your Default Dev Org, then login to the Org you want to install. Then open the link for the installment.