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Esther Thacker 6Esther Thacker 6 

Act on with Salesforce: Lead Owner

Good Morning,
I am hoping to get a solution to this. I am posting this also in the Act On forum in case it is their end where it needs resolved. Sometimes it's hard to tell with add ons where the solution is located.
So, my problem was initially that when transferring a Lead from Act on to Salesforce the Lead Owner had been assigned automatically to the account owner of Act On. Which didn't work, we needed it assigned to someone else actually on the sales team. In my research the only solution that I could find was to create a workflow that at the creation of the lead would assign the Lead Owner to someone else. (If there is a different way of changing the Lead Owner please let me know).
That solution did work fine, until the person who had been the default Lead owner before was getting emails informing them that they are the owner of a new Lead, when they are no longer because the workflow I set up changed it to someone else. (and the new owner is not getting an email saying they were owner of a new lead.)
The person reporting this to me said that the email was sent by Salesforce, but I believe it is being initiated by Act On, because Salesforce does not send out an email when a Lead is created, only when it's created through Act On. Is there a way to change the email being sent to the second owner?
I am speculating that since the email is being sent out on creation, and the Lead Owner is the account owner of Act On when it's being sent out that's why she is getting the email instead of the Salesperson I changed it to, but I am hoping there is a way to change the emails to the second person instead of the first person since she is the one who needs alerted to the new Lead.
Any help on this is greatly appreciated,