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Matrix Report Subtotals and Totals issue

Hi all,

I am trying to create a Matrix Report on Opportunity with Products and Schedules with a formula on report level.
I want the report subtotals to show the SUM of above values, which is not the case here for Budget(Confidence) subtotals.

IMatrix Report where Subtotals are NOT the sum of Budget(Confidence)
I have the Budget (Confidence) as a formula field where it is the multiplication of Scheduled Amount (from lineitemshcedules)* confidence percentage (which is a formula field whose field type is percentage holds values like 35%,50%,70%,90%). The summary fields for both are SUM and AVG respectively. Where I understand that the above issue on report is due to mentioning "AVG" on confdence percentage.

Formula BUdget Confidence
I want to achieve just the SUM of all the above Budget Confidences. Any suggestion is really helpful. Thanks!