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James Kase 4James Kase 4 

Not able to finish Trailhead Module - AppExchange Packages


Was trying to finish the last module in this trail. I already had the package installed from a previous module. Except when I click 'Check Challenge,' I get an error: "There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.QueryException: List has more than 1 row for assignment to SObject."

I'm confused because 1) I'm still learning Salesforce and 2) Besides doing each module like I am asked, I'm not sure where this error could be coming from. 

I did just complete the Process Automation Modules. 

Any suggestions for what this could be from? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.
Alap MistryAlap Mistry
Hello James Kase 4,
1. Delete your browser cache and try again.
2. Make new Trailhead Playground, which is created from dropdown (Create a Trailhead Playground) left hand on Launch button in Trailhead. After some time, select your new Trailhead Playground in dropdown and install that package again and try to check challenge.
If error is occur, then post here. If it is useful, then mark it as best answer (for close this thread).
Alap Mistry
Tara Guastella 10Tara Guastella 10
Hello, I am receiving a similar error although mine says "Could not find a dashboard with a name 'Adoption Features'." I have followed all the steps, cloned the dashboard, saved it in any folder, removed the required items, saved and refreshed. I've also tried your recommendation for clearing cache and making a new trailhead playground and installing the package in there. It still says it cannot find the dashboard with that name even though i am looking at the dashboard with that exact name right now. Any other thoughts?