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Norm CopelandNorm Copeland 

Is it possible to automate the opening of a Visualforce page?

Hi everyone, 

I'm using a great tool called Soapbox Mailer to send out mass emails in  Salesforce. Soapbox Mailer comes with a javascript button for the campaign object that sends the email using the following:
if (confirm('Are you sure you want to send this email?')) {
// Fire away!
window.location.href = "/apex/sbm__sbx_BatchEmailBlast?scontrolCaching=1&id={!Campaign.Id}";
} else {
// Go back to the Campaign page

I'd like to build a way to autmate the sending of the emails, based on a date field. Is there a way to use a Flow, Trigger or Process builder to launch /apex/sbm__sbx_BatchEmailBlast?scontrolCaching=1&id={!Campaign.Id} ? 

This would fire the email but I can's see any way to do this. It doesn't look like the class sbx_BatchEmailBlast is global. 

Would love to hear any suggestions on how/if this can work. Thank you!!