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Megan Hooser 7Megan Hooser 7 

Formula help, if/case

Have the following forumla, I've tried writing a few different ways, of case or if and not sure what to do to correct. I need to evaluate the picklist for a checkbox, marking true for values listed, or else leave unchecked

"Chiller Air Cooled <10T", 
"Chiller Air Cooled 10-50T",
"Chiller Air Cooled >50T",
"Chiller Water Cooled <10T",
"Chiller Water Cooled 10-50T", 
"Chiller Water Cooled >50T", 
"Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit",
"Cond/Outdoor Unit",
"Cooling Tower <10T", 
"Cooling Tower 10-50T", 
"Cooling Tower >50T", 
"Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate",  
"Heat Exchanger Plate & Frame",  
"Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube",  
"RTU <5T", 
"RTU 5T-15T",  
"RTU 15-30T",

 Error: Syntax error. Missing ')'
If the type of the formula field is a checkbox, you'll want to do
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Chiller Air Cooled <10T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Chiller Air Cooled 10-50T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Chiller Air Cooled >50T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Chiller Water Cooled <10T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Chiller Water Cooled 10-50T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Chiller Water Cooled >50T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Cond/Outdoor Unit"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Cooler/Freezer"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Cooling Tower <10T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Cooling Tower 10-50T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Cooling Tower >50T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "ERV/HRU"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Heat Exchanger Plate & Frame"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "RTU <5T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "RTU 5T-15T"),  
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "RTU 15-30T"),
    ISPICKVAL(Unit_Type__c, "RTU 30T+")