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Kevin Kim 9Kevin Kim 9 

Has anyone used barcode apps to log time on projects?

We are trying to expedite our project processes. Each project has a couple different tasks associated with it so we thought having a barcode associated with each task so all we have to do is scan the barcode to log time spent, instead of our employees having to login and manually put in all their hours. Any thoughts?
Hi Kevin,
Seems like a good idea.
1. How are the employees time mapped with the task they worked on a project. The person doing it would then need to have all the task codes so that he can log the time and in the end I see a dedicated user doing it for all the employees?
2. Or is it that each employee is working only on a specific task for a long time?

Kind regards
Kevin Kim 9Kevin Kim 9
Each employee works on multiple task but they are doing that task anywhere between a few hours to a few days.