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Nicholas Smith 25Nicholas Smith 25 

Problems with the "Work with GeoJSON and Create the Map" Trailhead Module for Wave Analytics

I have been attempting to complete the Trailhead Module Work with GeoJSON and Create the Map for Wave Analytics.

It's all fine when I go back to my Salesforce DE org and I upload the GeoJSON file/map/definition and I follow all of the labelling and options that  unit sets out. It's all fine too when I go back to Wave to access the Los Angeles zip-codes dataset and select the measure and "group by" specifications set out in the unit. There are no problems when I set it to being a map chart.

HOWEVER, the problems begin when I select the "Map Type". The map I uploaded in the DE Org, "Custom: L. A. Zipcodes appears which is good, but when I select this map and the system begins to load it, the system seems to crash and Wave freezes up and I never end up seeing the map and the chart is never applied to the map.

As the chart applied to the map of Southern California never ends up loading I cannot complete this Trailhead unit, nor can I complete the next unit which also works with the map.

Any guidance people can give me here would be much appreciated.


Cherisse Taylor 11Cherisse Taylor 11
I am also haveing a problem with this Trailhead.  The message I get after selecting the map type is "Invalid Map" within my widget.  Has anyone gotten this to work properly?

Norman HamiltonNorman Hamilton
I also am having this problem Nick
David MendozaDavid Mendoza
I accidentally inserted the CSV file instead of the GeoJSON. I would delete the GeoJSON and insert the file again.  
Jessica YanJessica Yan
I had this same issue- didn't realize I had inserted the CSV file until David pointed it out. Followed David's recommendation and it now works! Thanks.
Anuraag Baggu 6Anuraag Baggu 6
When the page freezes with a gray shade over the page, refresh it. Then open the data set again and then click map and then click the plus button again. Now you don't have to upload it again. You can see it on the left side. Just click it and it will work. Peace.
navya m 23navya m 23
Am facing same error while uploading the correct json.Not able to proceed further.Can anyone pls help.
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navya m 23navya m 23
I Resolved it by myself.Below steps i followed
1.Trailhead has some steps like changing count to sum,adding dimension etc and then comes uploading step.
2. But i have first opened the lense ,uploaded the geojson in map type '+' then performed other steps which then did not cause this weird error.
Anyone if facing the same issue can try the above steps !!