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Doug Bennett 4Doug Bennett 4 

Process Builder will not fire when parent Case is closed

Email message is my object in the PB and I'm trying to fire the event with this formula, ISPICKVAL([EmailMessage].Parent.Status , 'Closed').  Basically, when the parent case is closed, I want the PB to fire.  Nothing is working.  It's my understanding that PB can do this?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Hi Doug, 
Are you firing any email on closed Case?  If your process should fire on the Closed case, what I can suggest to just move your process to case object .
Doug Bennett 4Doug Bennett 4
Hi there Rajamohan, I’m not sending any email. I’m launching a flow that deletes attachments on the case and any email within the case. The flow is already working as expected when I fire on a simple checkbox on the email object, but what I’d really like to do is fire based on the parent case of the email message. I thought about launching the flow from a Case PB, but I can’t pass any of the email message id’s as variables. I can if I start the PB from the email message object. I think if this doesn’t work, I’ll fire the PB from the Case and handle everything else in the Flow. It’s just that I expected that PB could fire based on the activity of the parent object.