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Matthew Poe 28Matthew Poe 28 

How can I get my Trailhead badges associated with my new account?

I've recently switched jobs, and am having trouble getting my Trailhead badges associated with my new Success community profile.  I use social sign on to access Trailhead now, and am not sure what email address is associated with the Trailhead account.  (Though I have reason to think it's an email address from a previous employer, to which I no longer have access.) . There does not seem to be any way through the Trailhead profile UI to see or change the associated email address.

I was instructed by a Salesforce Help & Training agent to post this issue here, and that someone from the Trailhead team would be able to help me.


DeepthiDeepthi (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Matthew,

Please reach to trailhead@salesforce.com which is the right point of contact for all Trailhead issues.