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Umashankar TiwariUmashankar Tiwari 

Trailhead challenge error Ids: ENWOJMBM, JRCBILLE, IACVBONX

I am working on the following Trailhead module :Create a Satisfaction Survey >> Add a Screen to Request Participation

I got the below error while trying to verify the challenge after setting it up in my Playground org. All setups were done as explaned, but still getting the error. By the way, everytime I click "verify", I get a new error Id.
What is the reason for these errors and how to fix it ?  
DeepthiDeepthi (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Umashankar,

Try to log out and re-login again to your trailhead account. If the issue persists, you have to work on a new Trailhead playground account.