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Sebastian MelginSebastian Melgin 

"Learn the Process for Developing Lightning Components"

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to complete this challenge, but I don't understand the error I have.
I've created "myFirstComponent" with the following on their .cmp file:
<aura:component >
	 I am proficient in JavaScript
After that I've created the "harnessApp" Lightning Application with this on it:
<aura:application >
	<c:myFirstComponent />
And the error is ... 
Error trying to check the challenge

Any help on that ?
Neha Goel 19Neha Goel 19
Please make sure you are working and validationg in same org.

Through this screenshot it seems that it is validiting in org contains following username i.e "amaigin@intergrupa.com"
I'm having the same issue, i left that module without completion becuase of that same. Did you figure it out @SebastianMelgin?
Rick BlakeRick Blake
I'm having the same issue. Did you find a solution?
Sebastian MelginSebastian Melgin
Add on the <application> tag, the property implements="force:appHostable". Also in <component> tag on myFirstComponent