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Gisela Chock 4Gisela Chock 4 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The 'New LEAD Trend by Source' dashboard component is not a pie chart.

I have completed my pie chart but still getting eror message that's it not completed. I've tried it several times.
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DeepthiDeepthi (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Gisela,

try to log-out of your Trailhead account and re-login. Make sure you are checking the challenge against the org in which you have completed the challenge.


Gisela Chock 8Gisela Chock 8
Thanks Deepthi. I've tried this. Not working. Can you just manually grant the points and light my badge. All other tasks are completed it's just Pie Chart and the "Happy Customer" tasks that arent working. These I completed on the same day.
Jeff DouglasJeff Douglas
Please send me (jdouglas@salesforce.com) your org's username and password and I'll take a look for you. Sorry for the confusion.

Jeff Douglas
Trailhead Developer Advocate
Jeff DouglasJeff Douglas
OK... I took a look at your org and the issue is that you have 2 dashboards with the name "3 - Sales & Marketing Adoption". You'll need to delete the one you are not using for the module so the challenge check can find the correct one.

Jeff Douglas
Trailhead Developer Advocate