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Nicholas DzitarsNicholas Dzitars 

Salesforce Alexa Integration

I have been fiddling around with creating Alexa Skills that access the Salesforce API recently. Anything that doesn't require authentication is working fine, but it is the account linking that I am having issues with.

I have a connected app set up in a way that I assume is correct.
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And I've got all of the account information in the Alexa configuration. I have the Authorization URL pointing at the OAUTH service with the redirect_uri in the url params. I have the Client_Id set to the Consumer Key from the connected app, and for Authorization Grant Type I have 'Auth Code Grant' selected, with the Access Token URI set to the same as the Authorization URL, the Secret set to the secret from the connected app, and I've tried both options for the client authentication scheme.

When I go to Alexa.Amazon.com and try to link the skill, it brings me to my Community login page, and accepts my credentials. But when it;s done it redirects to my community site instead of back to Amazon, and when I click on Link Account again, it just gives me an error page saying 'Unable to link your skill, try again later'.

Any help would be appreciated, I've been banging my head against a wall for a couple weeks now trying to get the account linking to work, to no avail.

Suraj PSuraj P
I ran into the same issue a few months ago, and had come to the conclusion that I would have to use a middle ware (hosted on heroku or something) to relay the token successfully. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help
Can we determine whether this is still an issue?
Sameeksha Nath 12Sameeksha Nath 12
Hi Nicholas Dzitars,
Did you find the solution for your problem.I am also facing same problem.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.