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tulasiram chtulasiram ch 

how to send birth day wishes email at particular time

if birt date of contact is 30th august , how can we send wishes alert to the contact  at 29th august 11:55pm.

​How can we achieve this please help me.
You can create workflow for this and schedule a time trigger as below:

User-added image

I am not sure if you can do it before 5 Minutes though... but you can do it before an hour if its applicable to you!

Hope it helps!
tulasiram chtulasiram ch
Thanks Harshil for your reply, but i know how to do it in workflow. But need is send at particular time. 
rashmi s 9rashmi s 9
You can have a batch running at perticular time which email has to be sent. And query records based on birthdate field. If the birthdate is tomorrow, send an Email. This batch has to run everyday at specific time the mail has to be sent.

tulasiram chtulasiram ch
Yeah Rashmi, but it is dynamic right. The reuirement is to do it that with automation only.