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Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39 

Help with process builder creating an event with correct date/time

I need to have process builder create an automatic event from a date field called report received, my problem is the event needs to be 5 days long and start 10 days after the date field which seems to require date/time field to trigger the formula calucaltion but mine is just a date.


Report received '01/07/2017' needs to trigger an event that starts 10 days from the 01/07/2107 and ends 5 days after the start date.

So i need to create an event that starts on the 11/07/2017 and ends on 16/07/2017

Shawn Reichner 29Shawn Reichner 29
Seems like you may be using CreatedDate to run your date calculations and this would cause the issue you referred to as a type mismatch between date and date/time.  

Since your Report Received field is a date field this should work just fine in process builder.Just ensure that you are using the future actions instead of Immediate actions after your criteria is true for your step, and then create a task record.  In the Future action step you will choose to start this record creation 10 days afte this process was fired, and then for your due date you can then just state CreatedDate + 5.  

Hope this makes sense and if you have any additional questions, please let me know, but if this helps you pleas emark as the best answer.