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Ravi K 47Ravi K 47 

Issue with insertin/updating data from Command line dataloader

Hello All,

I have two objects Account and Price_info__c which is related to Account(Master-deatil relationship).

My requirement is :

Im getting data from external system as Csv file and need to  insert/upsert data into my salesforce org.

Below is the sample csv file 
12345        Test1      17890 
23456        Test2      234567

Here in my org i have created one External id field i.e., outlet_number__c  on price_info__c object . Below is the mapping file 

Now my requriement is to update /insert price_info__c based on the outlet number.

Where in the csv file im getting CUST_NM(Account Name ) instead of Account Id .

So while saving the record (Account ID is required as it is a mandatory field) ,so i need to convert the name into respective account id . 

Could you  please help me how to resolve the issue ??