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Brian KoblenzBrian Koblenz 

Managed package unmanageable

This is going to sound stupid and crazy.  Sorry.

A year ago I developed a managed package for a 501c-3 I was working with.  The managed package is deployed on their system.
Fast forward a year, and there is a bug in some javascript that is associated with a button.  I cant edit the source because it is a managed package.

I went to log in using the username/password that I thought was used for the development, but I cannot log in.

So, the question is how can I get back to update the managed package when I dont know the developer edition that was used (and it has not been touched in a year) and I dont seem to be able to log in using the old credentials.  Alternatively, how can I make the managed package that is installed on the system editable to fix the bug.   Ugh.