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Charlene Johnson 1Charlene Johnson 1 

I am trying to understand more about debug log's, Can someone post some resources that will help me understand how to read a debug log.

When I say debug log I am referring to the following screenshot:

User-added image
where can I find a resource that will teach me how to read this info.

Many Thanks.
You can find more about it here 
Sandeep WaliaSandeep Walia

Hi Charlene,

I advice you to first and foremost install this (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apex-debugger/mpckkbblhbfngaininanfjpdfjhbncjo?hl=en) chrome extension.It makes the apex debug logs more readable as shown in this pic:

User-added image

It is very useful as:

  1. It shows system.debug statements in Green
  2. It shows all the exceptions and errors in red
  3. Method entry and exit in Yellow
In addition to the link shared by Venkat I advise you to also go through these blogs: Hope this helps,
you can refer below you tube video.

Pawan Kumar