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Service Console: using JS to reload a VF page in Publisher now gives "URL no longer exists" error

I have a simple Quick Action in the publisher that calls a basic VF page. After the VF page submit, I want to reload the VF page Quick Action so the user can enter another record. However, if there's an error, I don't want it to reload. I did this in JS, and it looks like this (note that I also updated the feed):
function refreshFeed() {
    Sfdc.canvas.publisher.publish({name : 'publisher.refresh', payload :{feed: true, objectFields: true, objectRelatedLists: {}}});
function Refresh(bool){
	//If insert succeeded, refresh the feed so update is viewable, and refresh this page.
	if (bool){
Everything worked great, but recently, stopped working. Now, the reload code returns a "URL no longer exists" error.

NOTE: This is in a Sandbox, and there has been a Sandbox refresh, but I doubt that's the cause of this.

Has something changed in the Console functionality so that you can no longer do this? If that's the case, how can I do this properly? If I try to use the standard controller code to redirect to the current page, the page does not redraw.