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Add blank column to new list?

I'm having trouble figuring out how to accomplish a project.
Requirements are, when closing a Case, review some fields, review the Tasks that exist on that Case and if there is not a match within the previous 8 hours send a specific email template to the Contact on the Case.

I'm not looking for the code necessarily just an idea on how the flow of the process should run.  I suspect simply adding a column to an existing list or creating the list with one more column than my query returns to populate after would be sufficient.

What I have so far is, take trigger.new and pass it to a class
Check those Cases for Contact Ids and field values and add them to a new List when they meet the requirements 
I'd like to simply append the template name to the list but don't know how to add a column to the new list.
If I can do that I can then send the messages.  

Thanks in advance for your feedback!