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Jason Myers 1Jason Myers 1 

create custom list view

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'High Probability Opportunities' list view does not appear to be configured correctly. It should show only opportunities whose stage is 'Proposal/Price Quote' and 'Negotiation/Review', and whose probability is greater than or equal to 50%. Why do I keep running into this error message? Thanks
Schema BuilderSchema Builder

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Create custom list view like this this will help you to complete challenge




Jason Myers 1Jason Myers 1
Where are you doing this and are you in classic or lightning? Thanks
Mustafa JhabuawalaMustafa Jhabuawala

You can navigate to this screen by performing following steps - 

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After clicking on Create New View you can see this - 

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I am doing this in classic. You can do the same in lightning too.

Below are the screen shots.

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Hope this helps.
sukanya banekarsukanya banekar

Create some opportunity records which fulfil the criteria of list view and view the records under list view and check for the challenge.

Sukanya Banekar
Beatrice LouissaintBeatrice Louissaint

I ran into the same issue. Can someone help please? 
I disconnected the paygrounds and created new ones, I tried in Chrome and Edge. Everything went smoothly until ... 

Error message: 
Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground 3
Could not find an opportunity list view named 'High Probability Opportunities'.

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Please help!