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Writing Test method

Hello Salesforce Expertise

Can someone please help me in writing test method for this code?

 List<Id> accIds = new List<Id>();
  List<LogAccountTasks__c> lstTasks; //= new <List>logAccountTasks();
  List<Id> lstAccIds;
  //List<Account> TrigNew;
  Map<id, Account> TrigoldMap;
  List<Account> lstmemoryAcc;
  Account tmpAcc;
  if (lstLogAccountTasks == null || !lstLogAccountTasks.isEmpty()) {
  //Add the AccountId to the Ids List
  for(LogAccountTasks__c LogAcc : lstLogAccountTasks) {
   //Prepare oldMap
   //Prepare List for simulate Trignew
   tmpAcc = null;
   tmpAcc.Id = LogAcc.AccountId__c;
   tmpAcc.Etat_relation_GEO__c = LogAcc.Etat_futur_de_la_relation_geo__c;
   tmpAcc.RecordTypeId = LogAcc.AccRecordTypeId__c;
   tmpAcc.R_seau_int_gr__c = logAcc.Type_de_reseau__c;
for (Account acc : [select Id, Etat_relation_GEO__c from Account  WHERE Id=:lstAccIds]) {
            TrigoldMap.put(acc.Id, acc);
  UpdateStatus.hierarchyAccountDeploiment(lstmemoryAcc, TrigoldMap);
        UpdateStatus.hierarchyAccountTerminer(lstmemoryAcc, TrigoldMap);

This is really urgent.
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi ,
Do You got a chance to check the Test generator app from App Exchange please check the below link

Hope it will be helpful.

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Rahul Kumar