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vince cirilovince cirilo 

How do you add the report builder to a community?

Hey All, 
I am building a community and wanted to allow external users access to create reports directly from the partner community, but do not know how to add the report builder.  Note: We are using the partner central template, but not wedded to it.  From the documentation (page 436 and 452) this seems possible. Does anyone know how to add this function to the community? 


David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Vince,

Please go through this link. It might help you. 

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David Hales(1058)
vince cirilovince cirilo
Hi David, Thanks for the tips. Although the question was around adding the *report builder* to a community. The idea is that partners could create their own reports directly from the community. Cheers, Vince