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Alex ValavanisAlex Valavanis 

field name based on profile

A new profile has been created (i had to create new record type and new page layouts for that Profile) and instead of "Number of Users" they want to use "Quantity" since they are selling completely different products.(in the product opportunity object)
What are the ways of accomplishing this? Can it be accomplished? 
Shawn Reichner 29Shawn Reichner 29
You could do this one of two ways from what I am thinking....

1. Create a new number field called Quantity on that object and replace the Number of Users field on thier page layout, then create a workflow rule that when that new field with the proper name of Quantity is populated that is copies the value entered into the Number of Users field.  Then if you only wanted to report on the Number of Users field, you can still do this. 


2. Craete a Visualforce Page for this object to replace the standard page layouts, and in your VF page code you can set the lable of your Number of Users field to Quantity for the users on the new profile. 

If this helps, please mark as best answer,,,

Alex ValavanisAlex Valavanis
Thank you.
But why do i have to create a workflow which will update the field "Number of Users" ?

Field "Quantity" will be assigned to a specific profile. (apologies if i'm missing something obvious)
Shawn Reichner 29Shawn Reichner 29
Sorry, maybe I missed somethign in your criteria, I was thinking you wanted the same field for two page layouts with different naming conventions.