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Difference between relationship between account - contact and account - opportunity

I know the relationship between account - contact and account - opportunity is lookup on UI with cascade delete set to True in backend.
Considering how you can update a parent from child if relationship is master detail.
I was trying to write a workflow rule to update Account from Contact but account fields werent there to be selected , But when i tried doing same with opportunity Account fields were there in drop down .
I dont get it considering account has same relationship with both objects ,Why is there such difference.
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Malni Chandrasekaran 2Malni Chandrasekaran 2
That is the limitation with Cross-object workflow action. Please refer below.

Link : https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=workflow_cross_object_field_updates.htm&type=0 (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=workflow_cross_object_field_updates.htm&type=0)

Standard Object to Standard Object
Cross-object field updates are supported for standard objects that are children of standard objects in a master-detail relationship. However, only these standard-to-standard relationships are supported.
  • Case Comments updating Case
  • Email updating Case
To create workflow rules so that case comments or emails automatically update fields on associated cases, select Case Comment or Email Message in the Object drop-down list when creating a new workflow rule and select Casein the Field to Update list. Email-to-Case or On-Demand Email-to-Case must be enabled for your organization to use the Email Message in a workflow rule.
  • Opportunity Product updating Opportunity
Cross-object field updates to a parent opportunity's Amount and Quantity fields only work if the opportunity has no opportunity products associated with it.
  • Opportunity updating Account—Supported for both business accounts and person accounts.
If you have workflow rules on converted leads and want to use cross-object field updates on the resulting accounts and opportunities, you must enable the lead setting Require Validation for Converted Leads.
Standard-to-standard cross-object field update actions:
  • Can’t be used in, or assigned to, approval processes.
  • Update a parent record even if the user doesn’t have edit access to it.
If you have Apex code that updates parent fields in the same relationships as a cross-object field update action, consider replacing your code with cross-object field updates. Otherwise, both will fire, and since workflow rules run after Apex triggers, the workflow field update will override any change made by your Apex code.

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