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Matthew HoldgateMatthew Holdgate 

mailto approval process in email template


So im hoping this is possible as it's an excellent "nice to have". At the moment I have an approval process I can reply to and approve/reject with comments. I can also have a mailto link to pre populate the body with approve/reject with comments. Is it possible to merge the two so the user can click the link in the email and have the reply to email address populated. Problem at the moment is that I can reply and have to type approve or reject (user error possible) or have the text pre entered but no email address to send it to. Ive dug down on the raw html of the email and found the reply to email address which looks like a scrambled value. Is there a merge field or something similar that can be called upon in this mailto function?  Your help will be recieve gratefully and with much joy (if it's possible :D)