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Soubhagya Ranjan 2Soubhagya Ranjan 2 

can we insert data to data.com

Hi ,

Can we insert account object records to data.com and latter we can serach those account records 
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Soubhagya,

You can use Data.com Prospector to search valuable company information to find the records your business needs. Add these records to Salesforce as new accounts, contacts, and leads.

All Salesforce users can search Data.com for accounts and contacts but the users should have data.com prospector license.Please check with below steps what a data.com prospector license users can do.
  • Add accounts and contacts to Salesforce, and add contacts as leads.
  • Add contacts for an account directly from the account record.
  • Export accounts and contacts from Data.com.
  • Manually clean Salesforce account, contact, and lead records, regardless of whether they were added from Data.com.
  • Get prospecting insights into accounts’ business, financial, competitive, and industry details.
  • Get company hierarchical views of parent-child relationships and account information, such as the annual revenue, ownership, and a number of employees. (Available to Data.com Prospector users as a beta feature.)
For more information please check with below link: Please mark this as solved if the information helps.