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Custom URL without WWW Does Not Resolve with HTTPS

Hello there, I have created a domain in SF called www.mycustomdomain.com.  This works because my domain registrar (GoDaddy) allows me to specify a CNAME record for "www" as "www.mycustomdomain.com.0000000000000000.live.siteforce.com".  I can also forward traffic from mycustomdomain.com to www.mycustomdomain.com to get it to resolve using 302 codes in my registrar.  However, when I navigate to https://mycustomdomain.com it does not resolve to your servers.  GoDaddy said this is because you are not hosting mycustomdomain.com but host www.mycustomdomain.com.  There is a workaround but it will cost $$$ (i.e. create a separate dedicated site with an IP address; point the A Record to that address and foward all traffic to my www site using web page headers).  Please help!
GoDaddy are correct - what you need is a root name redirect. It doesn't have to cost money, this outfit offer a free service for example:


(I have no affiliation with them, nor have I used the service to the best of my knowledge, so this isn't a recommendation or otherwise!).
Pete HemingwayPete Hemingway
Hello - where exactly can I set up this root name redirect? Is it within Salesforce or would it sit within 1&1 (our domain hosts)
Root name redirect would be setup through your domain host.  By the way, the wwwizer does not work for HTTPS traffic unless you pay.