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Mark BrusoMark Bruso 

Unable to Sign Up for Free Wave-enabled Developer Edition

I tried to sign up for Free Wave-enabled Developer Edition.  I am seeing "These errors occurred" without actually seeing any errors.  Can someone help?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Mark Bruso,

Below is the link from where you have to sign up.I tried today and its working.I would suggest you try in a different browser or clearing your cache and cookies.

Hope this helps you!Please let me know if you need further help.

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Thanks and Regards
Hi MarkBruso,
1.Please use the below link and signup into Wave-enabled Developer Edition.
https://developer.salesforce.com/promotions/orgs/wave-de  (https://developer.salesforce.com/promotions/orgs/wave-de)
2.once you load the page you will be asked to fill your details as you can follow in a screenshot.
User-added image
3.After completing signup you will be getting a link to the email provided during the signup process.once you click the link you will be asked to set the password.
4.Once a password is set by using same credentials to login into salesforce.com After that in the apps drop-down menu please select 
WaveAnalytics.please check the below screenshot.
Image for Identify wave Analytics app

please let me know if any further information is required.