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Prabhat Singh 56Prabhat Singh 56 

Process Builder - Error too many querys in Bulk loads

Hello Team,

We are implementing several automatics processes with Process Builder. When the size of the batch is bigger than 100 records in one single transaction the Too Many Querys error is launched. It seems that PB bulkification is not working fine.

Help me
Prabhat Singh 56Prabhat Singh 56
Step to reproduce of this:

1.- Create a simple Process Builder that updates one field of a record. 
2.- Activate it 
3.- Launch a load that creates more than 100 records in one single transaction
Akhil AnilAkhil Anil
Hi Prabhat,

It's always recommended to keep a lower batch size when you have process builder activated on your objects. The process builder is indeed bulkified. However, it has its own limitation too. Your process should just work fine with a lower batch size.

Kindly mark it as an answer if that resolves your query.
Prabhat Singh 56Prabhat Singh 56
Thanks @Akhil Anil for your comment. Just one question

When you said keep a lower batch size, how many records are you meaning? I did a test in the the simplest PB that only updates one field and it fails on batches bigger than 98, which is very small batch size because this PB is involved in a batch load.