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Anil IngleAnil Ingle 

How we can develop application while security reivew going on?

Hello All,

Our organization is completed phase I code and we are ready for security review. Now our orgainzation developer working on phase II code.

My concern is, if security review fails phase I and retrun back with some issues. We will solve issue and send to send back to security reivew but we don't to send the changes done for phase II.

Let me know, how we can prevent phase II changes after security review issue fixes.

Thanks in Advance
Akhil AnilAkhil Anil
Hi Anil,

That's not possible unless you move the code changes for phase II to a different environment. All the code that is included in your package will go through the security review process when you send it back to them. You cannot ask the security review team to exclude certain patches of your code. It doesn't really matter to them whether the patch belongs to phase I or phase II. They will review your application as a whole. The only way you can do this is by taking backup of your phase II patches and then rolling back to your original version. Once the security team passes your phase I code, you can then release phase II as an updated version which will not be security reviewed.
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