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David PoynterDavid Poynter 

What is wrong with this code???? "Syntax Error: Found 'Last_Name'

{!Last_Name}", "{!Nickname} IF({!Secondary_Nickname}="null", " " , " & " {!Secondary_Nickname} IF({!Last_Name}={!Secondary_Last_Name}, " " , {!Secondary_Last_Name}))

Basically I want Lastname, Nickname, and if there is a secondary nickname, add lastname nickname, unless they both have the same lastname, in which case exlude the second lastname. Does this make sense?
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David PoynterDavid Poynter
So I figured it out a couple hours later. I first went ahead and referenced the first - {!Last_Name}, {!Nickname} - in the value bar, and then created a formula resource with the IF statement as follows (that I referenced after the last name, nickname) -

IF({!Secondary_Nickname} = NULL, "", "& "&{!Secondary_Nickname} &IF({!Last_Name}={!Secondary_Last_Name}, "",", "& {!Secondary_Last_Name}))

The part I was missing was the fact that the references cannot have the quotes around them, just the non referenced strings. I also needed to add the & to concatinate the strings in quotes and the reference strings together. Knowing this I could now put the two codes together in the same formula, so it would all read as - 

{!Last_Name}&", "&{!Nickname} &IF({!Secondary_Nickname} = NULL, "", "& "&{!Secondary_Nickname} &IF({!Last_Name}={!Secondary_Last_Name}, "",", "& {!Secondary_Last_Name}))

Hope this makes sense. I REALLY think trailhead needs to create a trail just to teach "FlowDesigner", its a really powerful tool, but is not taught anywhere in trailhead very well at all!