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Praveen ShankarPraveen Shankar 


HI , I have done online trainings and completed the salesforce admin and devloper challenges. Looking forward for the salesforce devloper certification . Please guide and help me on this to get certified . Please sahre brief details on the kinds of certifications and which certifications i should do or best suite now . Please also share some documents or dumps or links . 
Please also give some value tips oon this to clear the exam.

Thanks ,
Praveen 9941666696
Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
Hi praveen,

Please go through the dumps in Quizlet.. It will help you a lot . Almost all questions are similar.
Best Wishes,
Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
I have attached the link for you.https://quizlet.com/141710111/flashcards
Praveen ShankarPraveen Shankar
Hello Friends ,

I need your help . I am a saesforce devloper lear
ner and have completed  admin , devloper at beginner and intermediate level in trailhead challenges haing 36000 points.

Since i am not getting oppourtunity within company so i am trying outside of my company for interview with a experience of 10 months profile.

I need your help and suggestions onthis :

Help on the live project requir
ements mean to say some one working on sfdc project then please share the requirements of client for which i can do poc in My learning ORG.

​Looking for 3 Requierements and feasible to do POC so that i can judge myself in interview aganist interviewer and confident.

Any suggestion whether my approch is right or not or anything else

Please please help on this.