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Getting ready for Locker Service. General Questions

Hello everyone,

I have just enabled Locker Service in one of my Sandboxes to try and find any problems.

I have watched some videos and came across 2 methods for testing my org but i am new to development and am having a hard time interpreting what to do next.

The first is this website, which doesn't seem to be checking my org but rather stating components that will break (or not break) after the locker service is turned on. 


The next way is to install an app called Heroku, which to my understanding will check my org for at risk code. I find the Heroku app very intimidating as i have never used such a program.

How would you all go about testing your system for issues caused by Locker Service?
If i am to use the Auraframework.org website, how do i interpret the pages and update my code?
If Heroku is the best way, could someone point me to some publications on how to use Heroku for this particular situation?

Thank you in advance

I'll begin with Heroku. Heroku is actually a service that offers server hosting, not an application.  There is software which you can run on a Heroku server, but Heroku in and of itself a service.

Unfortunately, there are no automated tools to test for secure locker issues. In order to find the problems, the javascript in your Lightning components needs to be run, and only in situations where it violates the security model will you be notified. 

The Auraframework.org webite should be treated like documentation, and to help you fix code that you already know is a security issue. It's safe to assume that the only components that will potentially cause you problems are ones that you have downloaded from the App Exchange, and ones that you created yourself.  If you simple test that (hopefully) short list of components, it will get you pretty far in your assessment.

Apex code, visualforce pages, and classic isn't affected by the secure locker.  Only Lightning components are.

Greg Thomson