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Alex Waddell 12Alex Waddell 12 

Skype for Business chat window not appearing for receiver


I am in the process of enabling Skype for Business in Salesforce. When i send someone a message, they get a notification in Office 365 but there is no chat box that appears for them in SalesForce.

Am i missing a permission here? is this how it is supposed to work? I imagine that the box shown below is supposed to appear for my users as a message gets sent to them but i could be wrong

User-added image
Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
Hi Alex,

Please try the following.

Click on Help > About Skype.  If the version number it shows isn't already the latest,, update via the installer from this link:
If the problem still happens, try this:
Quit Skype.  Hold the Windows key and type r.  In the box that comes up type
%appdata%\Skype <enter>.  Find the folder with your Skype name and double click to open it.  Find file config.xml and delete it.
Restart Skype and see if IM's look normal.

Alex Waddell 12Alex Waddell 12
I assume your answer pertains to the Skype for Business app, which does notify me of a received message. 

I am just wondering why we have to use a Desktop app to make this messaging system work.

I know this is just a Beta but can i expect that with the new update, when i send a message within salesforce using the chat window that the same chat window will appear for the recipient of the message?