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Aaron Persich 9Aaron Persich 9 

Visualforce Page and Flow Finish Location

I am working on a flow with a button on the opportunities.  When the button is selected it will generate a new opportunity.  However when the flow completes, the finish location is the current opportunity and not the newly created opp.  I have a visual force page on with the button and I would like to see if I can have the finish location to be the new created opp. 
Here is the variable for the new opp in the flow:  {!varNEWOppty}
And here is the visualforce page:
 <apex:page standardController="Opportunity" Showchat="False" showheader="True" standardStylesheets="True">
        <flow:interview name="Create_POV_Opportunity" finishLocation="/{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}">
                <apex:param name="varOpportunityID" value="{!Opportunity.Id}"/>
Is this possible?