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David PoynterDavid Poynter 

How do you create an event within flows (or Visual Workflow)?!? It would seem like it SHOULD be quite easy!!

So I have finally found the event creation object, and all the fields I need to fill in. These would include a start and end "Date/Time" field! First, this had me quite stumped because it would be way to easy if there was a "Date/Time" field within flow designer, but I finally figured out a formula to add a date field, along with a seperate string/time field. The problem is of course, the fact that the input isn't translated to GMT before being entered, so as soon as I enter the data, and then create the event, the times are COMPLETELY off of when they were scheduled! HOW do you simply create a start and stop time for an event/meeting using flows? 


PLEASE help! Thank you!

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David PoynterDavid Poynter
Well... I figured it out after many more hours.. However I am not sure as to if this will automatically adjust when daylight savings turns on or off because I still am having a hard time as to how GMT works.
In the code below, simply have a date field, along with a field for the minutes and AM/PM. You will also need to change the "X" into the correct adjustment for your time zone off of GMT. Hope this helps somebody!
DATETIMEVALUE( TEXT( {!Meeting_Date} ) &" "& IF( {!AM_PM}={!PM}, TEXT( VALUE( {!Start_Time_Hour}) +12)& {!Start_Time_Minutes}&":00", TEXT( VALUE( {!Start_Time_Hour}))) & {!Start_Time_Minutes}&":00") + (X/24)