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Sandbox: SFDC Expiring Certificate Notification

Hello Community,

Some Of our users who have modify data permissions got an email saying that the we have one or more certificates expiring.

The following is the exact message they received.

Subject: Sandbox: SFDC Expiring Certificate Notification

You have one or more certificates in your Salesforce org *************** that will expire soon. Review the list below and visit Certificate and Key Management from Setup to make an update.

- SelfSignedCert_24Feb2016_152454, Self-Signed, expires on 2/24/2017. Warning: This certificate will expire in 30 day(s).

I went through different community posts and followed the steps in those by looking in to Certificate and key management in our sandbox and I see that there is no certificates created at least. Also, we don't have any single sign on enabled.

So i don't understand why we got this email regarding Sandbox (Not Production).

Can anyone help me o this issue?

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SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

If your org uses Single Sign On or another connection (perhaps integration?) to another system that required the use of the certificate (created back on 24 Feb2016 ), then yes - you need to create a new self-signed cert 

Can you get in contact with the people/company that cut that key back in 2016 and ask them what they were using it for?

Please refer below link for similar discussion.

Hope this helps you!

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