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Why are these commas showing up in my html?


I have tried solving this for over a week. I am generating a List<List<String>> that I am manually throwing  html into each and tossing it into a table. I have looked over the code one million times and there is nothing in my string or List that is adding these commas. But I know for a fact that there is one comma PER string I add. Has anyone seen anything like this before? It's even worse when I export it to excel because each comma takes up an entire row. It still does display my data directly UNDER the commas. For example, 900 rows of commas before 900 rows of my correct data correctly formatted. The example in the snippet below has two sets of brackets is because the list size I designated vs the data im querying makes two lists. Hence two sets of brackets. So don't concentrate on that. If it was 99 results it would be 99 commas in single set of brackets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.User-added image
Ben RezacBen Rezac
I'm using an apex:repeat to loop over my List of lists of strings. and an apex:outputText to throw out the string contained within it.
Ben RezacBen Rezac
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