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community rollout strategy trailhead

Is this a typo in the trailhead or am I misunderstanding the text?

One of the Important boxes states: The default external access level must always be more restrictive or equal to the default internal access. When you’re setting up your external org-wide defaults, you can’t give your community member more access to an object than you do to an internal Salesforce org user. A best practice is to always have external org-wide defaults set to private.

Step 12 states: Choose an access level of Read Only or Read/Write. (If the object’s organization-wide sharing setting is Public Read Only, then only Read/Write is available.) 

These seem to contradict each other. Shouldn't Step 12 state "If the object’s organization-wide sharing setting is Public Read Only, then only Read Only is available"?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

It seems valid point and appreciates your feedback.I would suggest you provide the feedback on the same by clicking the feedback link on the right side of the same trailhead challenge page.So that team can get notified.

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