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viswanadham Aviswanadham A 

How to update a Text field with suffix" IN"

I have a picklist field "Type1" with values Increment,Decrement and one more picklist value "Type2" with values Medium,High .i just want to display the symbol in suffix(IN) in the value entered in the text field is  'Closing ' .

Type1- Increment
Type2- Medium

After saving the record field 'Closing ' value should display 'Medium-IN'.
Can this possible?

Akhil AnilAkhil Anil

Hi Viswa,

That's very much possible. Simply create the field Closing as a formula field with a return type of "TEXT" and use the below formula. 

BLANKVALUE(TEXT(Type1__c),TEXT(Type2__c)) + " - IN"

That's it.

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