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Jose María Nicolás ArfelisJose María Nicolás Arfelis 

Is there any form to automate case creation so the field Account can be filled (Email To Case)?

Hi all,

here I am again with the same topic, this time for asking if there is a possibility to fill the field Account automatically at case creation when the email which comes from the Sender coincides with an existing email for that Account?.
For example, supposing Manuel Perez is registered as Account with email address in Salesforce. Manuel Perez sends an email to the Customer Support advocate. Salesforce should work this looking at every Account if there is an account with the email address of the sender, if yes, it should fill the field Account in the case record which is being created.

Is this possible some way?
Andrew EchevarriaAndrew Echevarria
You should be able to do this via a trigger on EmailMessage or through a workflow, the article below provides some insight on both solutions. Let me know which you'd prefer and I can help you if the article isn't specific enough: