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Migration problem with “Notes & Attachment” in Salesforce

I have created a new SF org & successfully moved all data EXCEPT notes & attachment. From the previous org, I have Attachments folder & Attachment.csv file exported.
When I am trying to upload attachment by jitterbit, it is throwing the following error.
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In the exported Attachment.csv file (from previous org), BODY column is missing which is required in INSERT/UPSERT attachment operation for the new org. I am trying to migrate all Notes & Attachments from previous org to new org. The below screenshot is for a particular record (I need related Attachments for all records).
When I am trying to export only the Attachments using Data Loader from old org, but Java heap size error & export fails. The total size of the Attachment folder is about 158MB. Both old & current org are Salesforce Production org. 
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sathishkumar periyasamysathishkumar periyasamy
based on error message parentID does not exist in new org. can you please check parent ID in the CVS file exisit in new org?
Josh Long 6Josh Long 6
First I would assume it is looking at the IDs of the old records in the previous org hence the issue. You would need to do some remapping work on the insert file to get the new record IDs then it may work properly or at least give you a new error beyond this one.
Hi Tan,

Migration of notes & Attachments has always been quite challenging.

Make use of Data Loader 17.0 only . So that you dont get the heap size error. make sure the batch size is set to 1 or 2.

Once you export the data via DL , Data would be in BLOB values. So you need some tools to convert the blob values to Physical Files.(Basically we had our in house .net tools which converted these blob values to physical files)

Once the physical file is ready, you can insert back the attachments using DL.

Le tme know if you require any further inputs.