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Renato ReisRenato Reis 

Analyze Your Data Over Time - Wave Analytics Traihead

In the Analyze Your Data Over Time module  where it says:

In the default exploration state, as you remember from the previous unit, the query is aggregating on count of rows with no grouping and no filtering. Start a new exploration by going back to the My DTC Sales app and opening the DTC Opportunity dataset. You’re interested in the number of tablets involved, so complete the following steps.
Click Count of Rows to change the measure.
Select Sum in the aggregation functions list.
Select # (number sign) for the measure to see the number of products in your closed opportunities

If I select Sum the only option is amout. Is the trailhead dataset in sync with the directions?
Julian Rogers 27Julian Rogers 27
I'm also struggling with the same issue,  have we missed an earlier step?
Cameron DeckerCameron Decker
I have this same issue, and I can't figure it out either.
User-added image
Same problem, and I think this is what is preventing me (us?) from passing the challenge.
I'll contact Salesforce
Thanks, I'm having the same problem as well.
Stefan O'HalloranStefan O'Halloran
I am also having the same issue trying to complete the challenge.
Christina PrasslChristina Prassl
Me either, same issue here. I needed to create a 2nd. dev org yesterday due that my DTC sales was not available even though I´ve finished all previous chapters. First of all I thought there were some problems with the old wave dev org linked in my trailhead profile, but unfortunately not. 
There is no possiblity to select sum of # only sum of Amount as you all have. 
Ben RenkoBen Renko
As well, can't complete the challenges as there is no "#" in the aggregate "Sum" selection, only "Amount"
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
The hands-on challenges for Wave Desktop Exploration and Wave Mobile Exploration are not currently working as expected. We have a fix in the pipeline. ETA for release is 2/14. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please hold off on these modules until 2/15. I'll reply to this thread once the fix is live. Again, my apologies.
Anthony WoodAnthony Wood
Thanks Chris. Gald to see that it's not just me having this problem :-)
John Eichsteadt 1John Eichsteadt 1
Adding myself here. Glad there is an update coming.
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
Issue resolved. Please sign up for a new Wave Developer Edition to complete the challenges. You can find the Wave Developer Edition signup in this unit: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/wave_analytics_basics/units/wave_start_surfing_the_wave under the topic: Try Wave Analytics with a Developer Edition org

Again, my apologies for this issue.