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Mac SwiftMac Swift 

Validation rule for Opportunity Line Item


I have a requirement in my Organization where I need to make a custom Field Mandatory on Opportunity, if there is word "ABC" and "XYZ" in the product name (in the Product ine Item). I have one more issue here - most of the time the Quotes are not synced to the Opp by the Sales rep. 

Please help me to resolve the issue.
Thanks in Advance,

Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
Hi Mac,

You have to use the following validation rule,

CONTAINS(Product , "abc")  && CONTAINS( Product , "xyz")

where product is your product line item field name.
You may have to update to reflect actual names of your fields.

Mac SwiftMac Swift
Hi Roshni, 

Sorry for not being so clear with my requirement. Actually its gonna be cross object Validation rule. As I want to check the Opportunity line Item - if there is "ABC" word into the Product Name ( in Opportunity line Item). If Yes, Sales rep will not be able to change the Opportunity Stage to "Purchasing", until the Custom field "Reason" is not be populated.

Not sure if this can be done with the help of Validation rule or the Workflow.
Looking forward for the expert guidance.